A micro-course that tackles IT Support's "Big Problem"

25 practical lessons - 100% free content, with audio. Total listening time: 70 mins.

This microlearning course explains where service experience falls down, and what is required to fix it
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What you will learn...

1. The many reasons why recipient needs and expectations are sometimes not met, broadly related to timeliness, performance, culture and practice.

2. Adjustments in approach that contribute significantly to overcoming the challenges.

3. Why effective user escalation management is critical to customer experience and support service health.

4. Team purpose focal points that can be absorbed by following the principles taught in this course, each related to meeting needs and expectations:

  • Responsiveness with minimal exceptions
  • Performance - flow of activity
  • Continual improvement
  • Customer experience.

Who is the course for? 

The course is written for IT but is suited to anyone with an interest in support services across the enterprise, including senior managers, to understand why teams are unable to get it right every time, and the things that will make a big difference towards greater success.

Course Content

    1. Maintain and meet user expectations as well as possible

    2. Your in-practice learning

    1. Don’t neglect service tickets that are on-hold

    2. Your in-practice learning

    1. Treat user escalations seriously

    2. Your in-practice learning

About this course

  • Free course content
  • 25-lessons
  • Assessment, Qualification & Cards: £116

Free or paid?

Paying for the course gives students and organisations a range of benefits including printable lesson task cards, assessment of whether adjustments have been adequately made, and a qualification that students can be proud of in support of their career. The course is ideal for an induction process - for new service team members - teaching how work should be approached.

  • The assessment format is more advantageous than even simulation-based training, with students immediately implementing "live" changes to improve delivery.

  • Students receive printable lesson cards presented in an eBook. Cards summarise each principle and assessment focus points.

  • On passing the assessment, students are awarded with a qualification certificate, and an achievement badge that can be presented on a student's CV or LinkedIn profile. Certificate credentials are Blockchain protected, managed by Accredible.

  • Students who fail the assessment can resubmit answers until a pass is awarded, without additional charge.

  • Reassessment includes collaboration between Opimise, the student and manager.

  • Assessment answers can be shared with a team manager, ideal for discussion and shared learning amongst the team, and for objectivity of performance reviews.

  • Students and their managers are invited to discuss any ITSM question with David, the course author, not limited to course content subject matter.

What is TOFT?

The principles taught in this course underpin TOFT tool-based practices for the optimisation of IT support. For more information, please visit Opimise.com, and take the FREE course:

TOFT audio eBook TOFT audio eBook